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3 Workplace Safety Tips for Industrial Settings

There are many reasons to want to invest in workplace safety. The least of which is the liability of your company to lawsuits should anyone fall to injury due to negligence. The better reason to go for safety is a genuine sense of responsibility and concern for those who work for you. This is especially […]

Electrical Safety in the Workplace: Common Risks and Injuries

Electrical risks in the workplace can cause death from electric shock or other electrical injuries that are caused indirectly or directly by electricity. According to reports, between 2003 and 2015, 142 workers in the country passed away due to electricity-related injuries, and 87% of those deaths occurred during electrical infrastructure installations. Electrical Safety in the […]

Avoiding Workplace Accidents: Safety Measures When Handling Chemicals

You can have regular safety drills at the workplace, but when workers are not getting reminders within their immediate vicinity, it is easy to forget what the drills have taught them. Of course, their instinct will kick in when a dangerous situation arises, but what about those instances when it is already too late to […]