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Follow These Tips to Make the First Day of Preschool Easy

Reports indicate that the quality of education in early childhood has a direct effect on a child’s likelihood of getting into trouble during their teenage years. A good preschool equips a child with the necessary social and life skills to keep away from vices, dropping out or committing crimes when older. But, for both child […]

Tried and Tested Tips for New Parents

As new parents, we often rely on our own parents to help raise our newly-arrived bundles of joy. After all, they have decades of wisdom borne from their own trials in parenthood to share. It’s like they say, a wise person learns from other people’s mistakes. Here now are a few pieces of knowledge that […]

3 Things That’s Making Your Home Unsafe for Kids

Every parent desires to build a perfect home for the children: safe, comfortable, and, most of all, safe. Is that your house too? Are you nodding? Hold on for a minute. Here are some things in your home that may be putting your children’s health at risk: 1. Molds These fungi don’t just thrive on […]