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How to Teach Your Kids Dental Care Habits the Fun Way

Kids and oral health care normally collide. But the good news is kids are excellent learners. And with these tips, you can make it easier for your child to develop these habits without much fanfare. Be a Role Model Kids learn by imitating, so it makes perfect sense to let them see that you’re doing it […]

Avoid Sugary Snacks and Drinks to Protect Your Kid’s Teeth from Decay

While tooth decay is preventable, many children still get it. This only makes it important for parents and families to think about what they’re eating and drinking, as well as their dental hygiene. Sugary snacks and drinks are the common causes of teeth problems (both in kids and adults), and these could intensify with poor […]

Broccoli + Dental Floss: The Deadly Combination for Better Dental (and Overall) Health

There seems to be no connection between a piece of broccoli and some dental floss. What does a dental appliance have to do with a super food? Simple: both care for your dental and overall health. The body is a machine of interlinked parts. What you consume has a significant impact on your oral health, […]