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Follow These Tips to Make the First Day of Preschool Easy

Reports indicate that the quality of education in early childhood has a direct effect on a child’s likelihood of getting into trouble during their teenage years. A good preschool equips a child with the necessary social and life skills to keep away from vices, dropping out or committing crimes when older. But, for both child […]

Survey Reveals Opposition to University Funding Cuts in Australia

A JWS Research survey of 1,575 Australians showed that 63 per cent believe that funding cuts to universities would limit access to tertiary education. The survey’s findings emerged as the federal government seeks to reduce the number of funded university student places in 2018. It could provide up to $1.5 billion of savings. However, university […]

Cultivate Your Brain: Online Courses and Where to Find Them

They say that life is one big classroom. You learn on the fly, but the most important thing is you learn. It might be hard to learn back then, when learning is limited to the four sides of the classroom. Today, a good thing about the Internet is that it enables you to learn absolutely […]

Moving Overseas: Important Things to Prepare for

Migrating is exciting and fearful at the same time. It gives you an opportunity to travel, meet new people, and live a new life. Dealing with migration, however, is not easy – there are aspects you have to secure first. Here are some of the most important: Secure Housing Whether you are migrating alone or with […]