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Make Your SEO Strategy More Effective With These Keyword Rules

While SEO is becoming more challenging and complicated, proper use of keywords remains the essential starting point and basic building block of any effective SEO strategy. But how do you use keywords to effectively boost your campaign? Here’s how: Choose an SEO Keyword For Your Homepage A website’s homepage is oftentimes underused or neglected in […]

POS For Food Trucks: Convenient for Vendors and Customers Alike

Several years ago, asking a food truck seller if they accepted credit or debit payments was a ridiculous notion. These days, it’s an everyday occurrence. Consumers today carry less cash and would prefer to pay via electronic methods instead, in fact. This includes credit and debit cards and mobile payment platforms. It’s easy to see […]

Options for Controlling Light and Heat in Your Place of Business

Heat transfer and too much light are common problems among many businesses, particularly those in buildings built before the 90s when there were limited options when it came to window treatments and designs. During the hot summer, sunrays may penetrate windows easily and cause all sorts of concerns, including higher indoor temperatures and damage to goods, […]

Company Culture: The Influence of the Leader

There are two types of leaders; one is the fat-cat wearing a snazzy suit looking to maximize profits at the expense of employee’s well-being. The other, a down-to-earth CEO who still improves the bottom line, but creates an excellent workplace and looks out for people under them. Poor leadership has different faces, but they all […]