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CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Top Tips for Memorization

With your CompTIA A+ certification exam fast approaching, it’s crucial to study well so you could complete the test and hopefully get your certification. Studying isn’t exactly easy for everyone, however. This is especially true if you’ve graduated a few years back and have been working since then — without having some new knowledge in […]

How to Help Develop Your Child’s Social Skills

Writing, reading and solving problems are just some of the things your child can learn as he or she grows up. But there is another important aspect that you should not take for granted: social skills. These tools allow your child to communicate with others, make friends, develop critical thinking, and form healthy relationships. Your […]

The Various Perceptions on Abnormal Behaviour

Experts who study abnormal learn about the behavioural, cognitive and emotional issues of people. They define this as a behaviour that usually leads to distorted thoughts or cognitions, maladaptive or self-defeating, distressing and disturbing or socially unacceptable. A lot of viewpoints, including approaches and models obtained from data, as well as, theories try to clarify […]

The Dream That is Living and Studying in Singapore

Very few people have the chance to study abroad. But, there are even fewer who are brave enough to consider living and studying in another country. Some people just have difficulties getting out of their comfort zone. After all, they are still young despite the fact that they are going off to college. The right […]

Good Tutor, Bad Grades: What’s a Parent to Do?

Everything seems to be going well. Your child loves his tutor and the sessions fly by. He looks forward to learning more with his mentor and you can’t help but expect the best. But when the scores come back, second thoughts come to mind. As a parent, getting to the bottom of your child’s academic […]

Your First Paralegal Work: 3 Ways to Boost Your Chances

Just because you survived four years in college studying law doesn’t mean things will be easier after that. Similar to other complex industries, the legal profession is hard to break into. Law firms often prefer hiring those with experience, particularly for paralegals. That doesn’t mean, however, that you’ll be out of options. Getting your first […]

Does Tutoring Succeed in Improving Academic Performance?

The question the title poses seems like a yes or no question, some might even say rhetorical. But this is something that we all have to address, be it as parents or as educators. All around the world, everyone accepts the idea of tutoring. But how effective is this widely-accepted technique? In Australia, parents spend […]

Training Your Brain to Work Faster and More Effectively

An athlete will spend hours on the track and in the gym to get his or her body in shape. Whether you’re a professional boxer or wrestler, training your body is the surest way to making it work better. This is also the case for the brain. Brain exercise should start in infancy and go […]

They’re Not Just Caring, They’re Certified: Child Care Facility Every Parent Should Look For

Every parent wants the best for his or her child. Finding the right caregiver for your little one, however, can be challenging. Though you play the most important role in your child’s development, the relationship between your kid and a caregiver can affect his or her self image. Little children should receive warm and responsive […]

Survival: The Name of the Game in Med School

The road to becoming a doctor or a clinician is laden with challenges, some of which require you to make great sacrifices. Toxic courses and horrible professors are only some of the problems that will make you groan and cry. Occasionally, there will be episodes when you will question your decision of entering medical school. […]