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I’m Visible: Why Local Search and Google Maps Go Together

Are you a start-up or a small business? If you’re one of these, then you’re going to need all the need you can get to lure customers into your shop or restaurant. Web and foot traffic go hand in hand when you run an establishment, which is why you need exposure and one way you […]

Online Traffic for a Cause? Extend a Helping Hand for More Customers

Want a new way to drive more traffic to your site? Plant a tree — or just help out with other charities. Apart from increased site visits, volunteering with local groups or fundraisers can also grow your Facebook page likes and boost your rankings. It’s also the key towards that 5-star business review you’ve always […]

3 Strategies to Eliminate Fluff from Your Content

Imagine this: you’re watching a movie you’ve been anticipating for years. As you snack on popcorn, you wait for the big climax involving conflicts and tears until you notice something: the film is dragging on with a narrator taking forever to reach his point. The movie spends 30 minutes narrating facts you understood during the […]

Principles to Follow to Make Social Media Buttons Work for You

Social media buttons are present on almost all pages across the Internet, as the different networking sites are now more popular than ever and more marketers are seeing the benefits of social media in SEO. What most designers often overlook, however, is the design of these tools. Most businesses think simply putting Facebook or Twitter […]

Why Active is the New Fun

Fun parties are those that will not make you and your kids want to stay glued to your seats. So what is it that will make you want to join the festivities? The “fun” factor. The word itself has created different interpretations that the idea of “fun” has taken on various forms. Still, there remains […]

Running a Start-Up SEO Business the Right Way

SEO companies popped up like mushrooms overnight and transformed the industry into perhaps one of the most cutthroat anywhere today. For those starting out, it is important to know that there is no shortcut to success. You have to climb out of the gutter of beginnings using your own feet. It’s going to take long […]

Three Iconic Television Ads of All Time

Top businesses hire television advertising companies to create the most appealing and memorable TV commercials. While digital marketing is taking a dominant role, traditional television ads remain a staple in branding strategies. Here are some of the best television advertising promotions from big brands: Budweiser’s “Frogs” Commercial Budweiser’s ad featured frogs for its 1995 commercial. […]

A Look into Australia’s Luxury Properties that Hit the 2014 Market

2014 was a good year for the real estate industry in Australia. Many properties went into the hands of new owners— even the most expensive houses that sat unsold for years have finally found their buyers. Here are three of the most affluent homes that landed a good sale: 1. Villa Del Mare Mansion Since […]

Why You Shouldn’t Totally Dump SEO

Some people do not care about search engine optimisation or SEO. They say it’s robotic. It looks unnatural. This could be right especially if they don’t do SEO right. However, if you think too badly of it, you might regret it because these might happen to you: Early Shutting of Website You wonder why your […]

Brand Makeover: When is the Right Time to Rebrand?

There is always that period in the life of a business when the allure and charm will seem to have worn off its branding. It is at this point when managers huddle and decide if rebranding is the wisest move. Rebranding is an exciting endeavour, which would give you an opportunity to change the direction […]