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3 Marketing Tools That Will Do Wonders For Your Business

The Internet is the best thing to have ever happened to business advertising since the discovery of electricity. Through the net, businesses can promote their products to a global audience. Moreover, the Internet established a great feedback system that enables the business owner to get reviews. When used efficiently, online marketing services can turn your business from […]

Why Mobile-Friendliness Is the Future of SEO

These days, SEO implementations often involve one thing: mobile-friendliness. Ever since Google released an update that changed the Google search results on mobile, businesses have been clamoring to update their websites to be more mobile-friendly. You should do the same if you haven’t done so already. Here are three reasons to take mobile-friendliness seriously: Searchers […]

5 Local SEO Strategies for Niche Businesses

Search inquiries for specific businesses continue to increase daily. In fact, long tail keywords usually include a geographic name. Local SEO (search engine optimization) ensures that people will find your business when they search for a relevant keyword. For instance, SEO services for niche businesses like jewelers must be a clear focus. What are the likely strategies, […]

These Are the Best Practices to Improve Your Landing Pages

The landing page is the gateway of a potential customer to your brand; this makes the initial impression and can make or break the conversion of a visitor. It is important to implement certain practices to get the most out of your pages. Experts from Denver on PPC cite the following techniques to boost the effectiveness […]

Make Your SEO Strategy More Effective With These Keyword Rules

While SEO is becoming more challenging and complicated, proper use of keywords remains the essential starting point and basic building block of any effective SEO strategy. But how do you use keywords to effectively boost your campaign? Here’s how: Choose an SEO Keyword For Your Homepage A website’s homepage is oftentimes underused or neglected in […]

3 Reasons Your Dental Clinic Isn’t Getting New Patients

Competition isn’t the only reason why you’re not getting new patients for your dental practice. Here are three possible reasons why you are not getting new leads and what you can do to change that. New clients can’t find you In this day and age, having flyers and posters in your dental clinic is not […]

I’m Visible: Why Local Search and Google Maps Go Together

Are you a start-up or a small business? If you’re one of these, then you’re going to need all the need you can get to lure customers into your shop or restaurant. Web and foot traffic go hand in hand when you run an establishment, which is why you need exposure and one way you […]

Online Traffic for a Cause? Extend a Helping Hand for More Customers

Want a new way to drive more traffic to your site? Plant a tree — or just help out with other charities. Apart from increased site visits, volunteering with local groups or fundraisers can also grow your Facebook page likes and boost your rankings. It’s also the key towards that 5-star business review you’ve always […]

3 Strategies to Eliminate Fluff from Your Content

Imagine this: you’re watching a movie you’ve been anticipating for years. As you snack on popcorn, you wait for the big climax involving conflicts and tears until you notice something: the film is dragging on with a narrator taking forever to reach his point. The movie spends 30 minutes narrating facts you understood during the […]

Principles to Follow to Make Social Media Buttons Work for You

Social media buttons are present on almost all pages across the Internet, as the different networking sites are now more popular than ever and more marketers are seeing the benefits of social media in SEO. What most designers often overlook, however, is the design of these tools. Most businesses think simply putting Facebook or Twitter […]