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Handle Organizational Crisis Effectively in 5 Ways

Crisis management is one of the most important areas of brand building that organizations tend to overlook. Crises may come in different forms, so you should never be complacent. Even the biggest companies are never spared. Here are some ways on how you should handle a crisis: Have a plan You don’t have to wait […]

What to Tell Your Customers Before Refinishing Their Floor

Refinishing the floor maintains its quality and also promotes a natural and fresh finish for your home. Doing a floor refinish or maintenance, however, is not a small task. That’s why homeowners seek professional help. They come to you to help them refinish their floors. How can you deliver 100% customer satisfaction?, a machine […]

Pagers: Making a Come Back in the Restaurant Business

Almost three decades ago, the easiest way to contact someone is through a pager. You just need to know the receiver’s number and you can call or leave a message. This type of communication is commonly used for emergency purposes and was slowly replaced by mobile phones and eventually, smartphones. But people in the medical […]

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Supplier

When it comes to choosing the right suppliers for your business, your focus needs to be beyond costs. It is about forming partnerships that will lead to the profitability of your business and at the same time getting quality supplies and services as well as value for your money. Here are four factors to consider […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Commercial Property Clean

If you own any kind of commercial property, you know that it’s not an easy dwelling to maintain. It depends on how your halls and common areas are designed. Carpets are the usual places where germs and dust gather and you wouldn’t want that to happen if you had regular guests or customers coming in. […]

Addressing the Issue of Brands When Ordering Office Chairs Online

If your business demands a lot of your time, you have little-to-no time to waste when deciding which office furniture to buy. You must decide which one will match your brand image the best and how much all of that will cost. But as you will agree, visiting physical stores can be time-consuming. You also have to […]

Product Launch Tips You Must Remember

When top chocolate maker Hershey Co. released the Cookie Layer Crunch line, the company garnered $100 million in sales, making it one of their most successful product launches to date. The strategy focused on attracting the millennial consumer by bringing something unique to the table and providing more options. This type of game plan, when applied […]

Create a Healthy and Productive Office Environment

For most people, the office is one of the most important places outside of one’s home. It is not only where people work, but it’s also where they spend most of their time on any given day. An office environment must be conducive to working and not cramped or disorganized. If you want your company […]