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What You Need to Know about GHS Use in Singapore

Singapore has been following the GHS or Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals in the workplace since 2008. According to the Work Safety and Health Regulations, administered by MOM or the Ministry of Manpower, chemical suppliers should label all containers of dangerous substances and provide an SDS or Safety Data Sheet for […]

Urgent Care Centers are Increasing and Providing Necessary Healthcare for More Patients

Urgent care is becoming the standard for the immediate medical assistance of a non-life threatening nature. The first urgent care centers were started in the 1970s and have increased to more than 7,600 by 2017. Urgent care providers like Southern Rapid Care are part of the $18 billion industry that helps lower primary care costs. Continuing Growth […]

How to Teach Your Kids Dental Care Habits the Fun Way

Kids and oral health care normally collide. But the good news is kids are excellent learners. And with these tips, you can make it easier for your child to develop these habits without much fanfare. Be a Role Model Kids learn by imitating, so it makes perfect sense to let them see that you’re doing it […]

Are You a Freelancer or Tech Startup? Consider the Pros Co-Working Spaces

Co-working spaces are growing in popularity in various cities all over the world. The advent of the digital age has enabled anyone to set up his own company and run it from a s​hared space or from the privacy of his own home. While a home office may be practical and cost-efficient, having an office […]

How Staffing Firms Help Fulfill Seasonal Requirements

Companies typically have hiring time frames scheduled throughout the year. For most retailers, their peak hiring is during October. This is meant to coincide with Thanksgiving and on to Halloween and then the December rush. The need for general labor staffing services comes into play at this time of the year. Supply and Demand For some other industries, the […]

Important Tools for Your Online Education

Having high school classes online is becoming a trend among millennials who wish to save more, spend more time at home, or improve their prospects for college. As a student, it is crucial to adjust to the technological demands of online learning. Whether you are a dial-up user or one who purchases all devices, you […]

Getting a Mortgage: It Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

If you’re a first-time homebuyer, it is easy to focus more on the type of home you want. Financing or getting a mortgage usually comes second, when it — or getting preapproved — should be the first step. There is also the desire to get the lowest or best mortgage rate, without considering a number […]

Men’s Work Stations: Where Germs are At Work

Germs are probably the last thing you think about when you go to the office. Of course, when you come to the office and sit down at your cubicle, you already mean business. And by business, you mean, how you can stay on top of your game in Utah’s competitive business industry. But in other […]

3 Things You Need to Think About in Your Restroom Facilities

One of the things that nearly everyone will look for after engaging a business long enough is the restroom. This makes these types of facilities very critical a consideration when setting up. If you’re just starting out or are considering a refit, there are several things you need to think about. From the toilet cubicle […]

5 Things to Remember When Assessing the Value of Scrap Metal

Before you find a buyer for your scrap metal, it’s good first to assess the value of your metal. Here are things to remember when estimating the value of scrap metal. Use a magnet to assess the value of your metal Is the scrap metal you want to recycle ferrous or non-ferrous? Test the metal […]