shredded paper with confidential labelCustomer privacy is an issue all businesses regardless of size should be very vigilant about. With the rising incidence of identity theft, organisations should have solid measures in place to keep their data secure. Here are some tips:

Mind those hard copies

Due to the increasing number of businesses using the cloud for their transactions, much focus has been on digital security. In your endeavour to tighten digital security, you need to ensure that security measures on your physical premises are given equal importance.

Make sure that your office area has CCTVs or security personnel, as data could be easily collected from your computers and laptops. Also, you could use confidential shredding services to handle the hard copies of your customers’ information with the utmost care.

Do due diligence

If you hired a third-party service provider to handle data collection and security, you need to look extensively into that company’s track record. Make sure that they comply with all UK and even foreign laws in terms of customer privacy. You have to know what data they are collecting and ensure that they do not pull more information than they have to.

Perform a security audit

Your business should perform an internal audit. Not only will this help you craft an extensive privacy policy but also help you understand important things like what types of data are collected, how these are used, to whom they are shared and for what purpose, as well as how these data are kept and for how long. By conducting an audit, you can pinpoint weak areas, and you can address those immediately.

Involve your team

Addressing the real challenge of protecting customer privacy is not something you should do alone. You need to involve your team, as they also get to handle all those collected information. You need to make sure that your staff are on the same page regarding security protocols and they know what to do in the event of a security breach.

Though security attacks are getting savvier these days, establishing a strong defence is the best way forward to ensure the security of your customers’ data.