Dentists smilingMost dentists in the city offer emergency dental care in response to pain or knocked out teeth. Waking to severe dental pain is no joke, so having a reliable dentist on hand is important for receiving treatment as quickly as possible to help relieve pain and give advice on how to look after any damage that’s occurred until further treatment can be provided.

It’s comforting to know that an emergency dentist in Mackay, such as Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, is available and will usually provide patients with same day appointments if required. Information is often provided on the phone, so if pain is being felt or a tooth has been knocked out, immediate relief and action can be taken to support people in pain.

When Teeth Go Astray

If teeth are knocked out, as long as the patient is an adult, the tooth, once located, can be put back into its socket. If a tooth is knocked out, care givers and first aiders can do several things to ensure the emergency dentist in Mackay can replace the tooth:

  • firstly, only pick the tooth up by the crown of the tooth, never the root
  • wash the tooth and affected area in saline solution or milk
  • never clean in tap water or leave to dry out
  • clean up the damaged gum
  • depending on how sore the gum is, a tooth can be placed back in the hole at this point. However, always be cautious. Remember tat teeth can be placed in milk or kept in the cheek of the patient until seen by a dentist.

If a dentist is required, ringing a dental surgery ensures that accurate advice is given, and appointments can be made quickly. Should the emergency dentist in Mackay be needed out of hours, ringing the reception of a local dentist will normally procure an alternative out-of-hours emergency dentist in the area.

Once the emergency is over, further treatments are likely to be needed based on the x-rays and diagnosis made during an emergency dentist in Mackay appointment. After care is readily available, ensuring whatever the experience, whatever the damage a solution can be made to repair and restore almost any issue presented.