Welder holding his gear in the factoryWelders are at risk of experiencing several health and safety hazards while working. As an employer, it is prudent that you put protective measures in place. These will not only keep your workers safe and healthy, but also minimise the chances of workplace injury claims.

Below are four such risks that you can mitigate using personal protective equipment.

Eye Injuries

In the welding industry, eye injuries account for 25 percent of all accidents, making them the most common among individuals dealing with fabricated metal products, computerised equipment and commercial machinery.

As such, it is important to teach workers how to recognise potential harm as well as arm them with the necessary welding protective gear for their eyes. In addition to wearing helmets to catch flashes and offer protection from UV rays, welders should also don safety glasses or goggles that have side shields, too.

Inhalation of Welding Fumes

Inhaling particles or fumes emitted during the welding process is dangerous for the workers’ health. It subjects them to work-related asthma, lung infections and bronchitis, among other respiratory ailments. To minimise exposure to these, ensure workers use appropriate personal protective equipment and that the workstations are well-ventilated to reduce exposure.

Electric Shock

When using arc welding tools, electric shock is a common hazard. It occurs when the welder comes into direct contact with charged metallic pieces. It is, therefore, essential for workers to guard against this mishap by wearing dry gloves.

They should also avoid touching the electrode holder or metallic components with bare hands or when they are wearing something wet.

Exposure to Metalworking Fluids

Metalworking fluids are chemicals normally used in the welding process. These fluids may contain harmful elements that could lead to bacterial and fungal contamination if users are exposed to them. Using the right masks and protective clothing reduces the chances of direct contact with the skin.

This protects users from chemical exposure and associated hazards.

Welders do a great job. However, if you do not take the necessary precautions as an employer, you will be risking the lives of your workers. Also, you might encounter lawsuits in the future for negligence. Offer a safe and conducive work environment by equipping employees with the right protective equipment.