Website shown in different devicesYour company’s website is an important tool for building online trust. Apart from having a professional web design, it is also important for the site to be open and upfront. This means providing contact details and all the information needed for a better user experience. Omitting or not including basic information could easily mean that your business is hiding something.

Website design experts in Salt Lake City share why upfront disclosure matters:

The Basics

Visitors or potential customers are likely to engage in websites that are upfront with their products and services. If you sell something online, for instance, you need to be upfront about the cost or rates of what you’re offering. Be sure to include extra charges, like delivery fees, that may accompany the purchase. Don’t forget to provide links to return policies and guarantees.

It Depends

In some cases, the information you need to divulge depend on the type of industry your business belongs to. For retail and shopping sites, it needs to extend beyond the basics, including prices, shipping, and additional charges. Courier service websites, on the other hand, can benefit from having a track and trace option that lets customers track shipment and delivery status online.

Create Trust

It’s likely for customers to complete a transaction when all the information they need are provided. When they know what to expect with a product or service, it’s easy to establish trust. Being upfront also means that your company care for and understand their customers. You can further improve user experience by providing clean and simple forms and avoiding lengthy ones that can frustrate visitors.

Don’t Drive Them Away

One sure way to break trust and discourage customers is through gated content and login walls. When visitors are asked to enter personal information or sign up before exploring the site or viewing any content, they’re likely to leave and look for other sites. Apart from driving users away, login walls also leave a negative impression and degrade trust before it’s even established.

Don’t make visitors think that you are hiding something or not open enough. Know more about the importance of upfront disclosure and work with a reliable web design company to make your site upfront, transparent, and professional.