Woman in Gym with Weights and Water BottleBodily fluids are usually not a big deal when sweating yourself out in the gym — except if you have the pee problem. It’s one of those embarrassing moments, throwing you off on your efforts to lift those weights as you’re hyperaware of the tiny patch of wetness in between your thighs. What exactly is the link between workouts and urinary incontinence?

The Connection

The truth is your daily trips to the gym may have given you the good physique, but it may have unfortunately weakened your pelvic floor muscles as well.

What do these muscles have to do with accidental peeing? Well, they’re the ones that support and close the bladder until you reach a bathroom and are ready to get rid of the urine. High-impact activities, especially those that involve jumping and running, increase the strain on those muscles and weaken them over time. When that happens, leak happens.

But this doesn’t mean you should quit on your workout routines — given that body weight also can put you at risk for stress incontinence. Putting on too much weight can add a force on the abdominal and pelvic organs. So, what do you do to prevent the embarrassing wetness?

The Solution

Of course, the first step is to consult your doctor so you can get proper female incontinence treatment. Rosemary Bates, MD and other Plano specialists recommend different strategies, from medications or surgery to lifestyle changes, depending on the severity of the problem. Doctors may also refer you to physiotherapists who will help you strengthen those pelvic floor muscles through exercise.

When doing physical activities, you can prevent leaks by going to the bathroom and peeing already even before the sweat session starts. Try to limit fluid intake as well, but not to the point that you’d get dehydrated. You may consider using a tampon as well.

It’s indeed a struggle to keep up with workout routines when you’re wet down there. Go to your doctor to get professional treatment and keep the leaks at bay.