residential car port with two roofsCarports are independent structures that extend your home. For a subtropical place like Queensland, carports from companies such as Just Patios make more sense. They are less expensive than garages, and they have more uses.

The Big Difference

Carports and garages have the same primary function: to shield your vehicle from the elements. The similarity stops there. A garage is a closed structure usually attached to the house. It has a door that opens up to a room.

On the other hand, a carport is a roof-only structure that stands separate from the house. You drive the car or boat into the carport and then walk toward the house. When considering a structure to protect your vehicles, a carport offers several advantages. It is easier to build.

A garage might take a contractor several weeks to build. In contrast, the homeowner can assemble a carport in a day or two. It is also cheaper. The owner can step off the car and walk toward the front door. He or she does not have to open the garage to drive it inside and then lock the garage door afterward.

Other Uses

A carport is not for everyone. Those who grew up in a house with a garage would choose a garage. They would know what to do with all the spaces, like add worktables and benches. An additional freezer can also be placed in the garage.

On the other hand, an open-air carport might be an alien concept. It is so bare that it is possible to have a boat and a car side by side without any problem. Children can play under the carport. Parties and barbecues can also be held under it. The flexibility of the empty structure requires imagination.

Ultimately, a carport is a simple structure used to protect vehicles. It can also function as a shelter when holding parties and other events. It is cheap and fast to assemble. In many ways, it is better to have a carport than a garage.