Cremation Memorial ServiceMemorial services are there to give the living the feeling that they have given the recently departed a proper farewell. This is why some stay away from cremations, seeing as there is almost no ceremony connected to it. Well, that is now all in the past since funeral services for those who are cremated are recently being offered.

Cremation Memorial Service

This service is similar to the wake for a body that will undergo burial. The only real difference is that the body in a coffin will be replaced by ashes in an urn set on a special stage for easier viewing. Other than that, you will have everything else, including a portrait of the deceased, as well as flowers and altar decorations. You can even personalize your service by contacting Croydon funeral company like Rowland Brothers to arrange everything for you.

Funeral Service

Similar to burials, where there is a graveside service before the coffin is lowered into the grave site, you can also hold a memorial service for those who are cremated. The beauty of this is that you can hold it wherever you plan on placing the ashes permanently. You can even choose to purchase a plot of land so that you can display the urn on an altar instead of the usual tombstone.

Resting Place

Some people can find looking at an urn a little unsettling, especially if it’s displayed in their homes. You can choose to scatter the ashes instead or display them in internment, where they will be placed in vaults. Here, you are free to display pictures, flowers, and candles in candleholders just like how you would with gravestones on burial plots. In some cases, the urn can even be set up with a “tombstone” with engraved words.

Whatever ceremonies you can hold when it comes to a typical burial, you can now request to be done with cremations. Now, wouldn’t this make you reconsider cremation as an option? If you need to know more, you can always ask those who offer crematory services and funeral services by calling them or going online.