Hikers enjoying the viewThe Haute Route has been called a walker’s path despite the 115-mile distance for walking. Spanning from Chamonix and through the Swiss Alps, the scenic route is a great way to spend a fortnight with friends or family. If this is your first time to trek the Haute Route or if you feel like exploring the great snowy outdoors, here are a few things to keep in mind, according to Alpenwild:

1. Trust the Trail

For beginners, a trek that spans a 115-mile trail might seem like a tough challenge to crack. However, the Haute Route is actually one that almost everyone can truly enjoy. The trail has huts where one can seek shelter and food from, and as long as you have a good guide and the weather is in your favor, you can have a great time getting close to nature and snow.

2. Pack Just What You Need

Hiking might seem a daunting task of not only walking and trekking through nature but also bringing the necessary equipment for you to survive. However, it’s smart to pack light—yes, you heard that—especially if you book the right tour group. There are tour groups that provide the necessary items to make your hiking more pleasurable. This means bringing only yourself, some essentials like snacks and water, the proper clothes for the hike, and an open mindset.

3. Trek Between July and September

The best season to check out the Haute Route is from mid-July to mid-September. This is the most ideal as hikers will be able to avoid as much as possible the snow patches that can occur during other times of the year. This is the best season to enjoy the different stages of the trek.

See more of the Alps and the beauty of France with the Haute Route. It’s going to be both a challenge and a rewarding experience.