a couple looking for jewelriesAlthough most men love accessories on women as opposed to wearing it themselves, jewelry, when worn correctly, can give you a classic look and add charm to your personality. To get it right, you need a good sense of style, keenness and confidence. If you do not pay attention to the pairing, you might end up looking and feeling awkward. Knowing what common jewelry mistakes are, goes a long way in helping you avoid them. We discuss some of these below.

Fidgeting with your Accessories

Playing with your jewelry, trying to reposition or hide it every so often indicate that you are not confident with what you are wearing. This can be quite embarrassing. To build your accessorizing confidence, begin with basic pieces like rings and watches. You could talk to attendants in your favorite jewelry men’s stores in Nassau County like Kravit Jewelers before buying, so they can help you pick appropriate pieces for your style. This way you do not only end up with jewelry you like, but which is appropriate too, thus boosting your confidence.

Failure to Consider the Occasion

Different jewelry accessories are suitable for different occasions. While you can put on almost any jewelry to a party in college, wearing some pieces to an interview may be considered inappropriate. Find out what is permissible for the occasion you will be attending first.


Wearing too many pieces of jewelry at once makes you look ridiculous. Ensure your jewelry complements your outfit without overpowering it. For instance, wearing up to five necklaces stacked together, two or three bracelets and numerous rings draws attention away from other aspects of your outfit. It makes the jewelry the main point of focus. Avoid this by settling for minimal pieces that are appropriate enough to send a statement.

Wearing Disproportionate Jewelry

Wearing an over-sized piece of jewelry will make you look awkward while the pieces will look out of place. Common instances are those of a big watch that doesn’t fit on the wrist or very long neck pieces. Opt for accessories that are appropriate for your body size.

While jewelry is not a compulsory part of dressing, it can go a long way in making you stand out. Give yourself that confident and classic look by doing it right.