photo of thinning scissors setAsk any hairdresser what their most useful equipment is, and they will tell you it is their pair of thinning scissors. Your work on your clients depends on the state of this equipment and your experience using it. Nevertheless, there are important things to remember when buying these scissors for your work such as:

1. Scissors are Unique

Most individuals will advise you to take any pair of shears so long as it is comfortable in your hands. Shears vary, and you will need different shears for various cutting methods. For example, you need a different set of shears to cut hair when holding it in your hands and another for cutting hair without holding.

2. What does your Salon work Entail?

What do you spend doing with scissors most of the time? Different shears serve various purposes when cutting hair, and you need to figure out what you do most and get the most appropriate shears for the task. If you find yourself raising your elbow most of the time when cutting hair, you could use a shear with a rotating thumb to minimise the fatigue when cutting hair.

3. The Handle is Everything

You need to have shears that you are comfortable working with for long. The shears you get could have an opposing grip, offset, or crane handles. The opposing grip handles have two opposite holes to fit one finger and the thumb and can be tiring to use for long. Crane handles have rotating holes for increased comfort when working with the shears. On the other hand, offset handles have the thumb side slightly shorter than the other side to minimise the movements.

Your pair of thinning shears play a crucial role in the type of haircuts you deliver to your clients. Therefore, it is essential that you get the details right when buying this set of shears for your hairdressing or barber needs.