wedding planner talking to brideAs Taylor Swift puts it, no one should rudely barge in on a white-veiled occasion. Indeed, a wedding is something that should be respected and celebrated at the same time. If you’re currently planning a wedding for you or a loved one, it’s necessary to communicate with the right wedding planner because they are in charge of the venue, the time, and the people involved.

Experts from the events’ venue Winters Barns explains some steps to ensure the wedding planner in front of you is the one for the job.

Ask for an online portfolio.

Having an online portfolio means that the wedding planner can use new technology such as websites or emails. This would be an advantage because he or she knows the right way to shoot photos or edit videos.

Know what past clients have to say.

It’s also smart to ask for testimonials from past clients because what they have to say would determine the professionalism of the wedding planner. Was he or she pleasant to work with? Did the deliverables arrive on time? These are something past clients could answer.

See if the press recognises the wedding planner.

Press recognition involves awards, news features, or endorsements from media personalities. These are a testament to the skill of the wedding planner.

Check if they have modern tech and equipment.

Finally, you need to ascertain that the cameras, lights, and sounds utilised by the planner are up-to-date. Old equipment would lead to low-quality images and videos, which could spoil the memory of the wedding.

Steps Before The Wedding

To sum it up, it’s wise to plan a wedding well because it’s a milestone in your life. To do this, you should collaborate with a wedding planner and know if he or she has press recognition, modern equipment, or has excellent reviews from past clients. Doing these steps before the wedding should make the occasion hassle-free for you.