woman interviewing applicantCompanies typically have hiring time frames scheduled throughout the year. For most retailers, their peak hiring is during October. This is meant to coincide with Thanksgiving and on to Halloween and then the December rush. The need for general labor staffing services comes into play at this time of the year.

Supply and Demand

For some other industries, the laws of supply and demand are also at play. For instance, amusement parks may require more personnel during the peak season. They hire employees for just a season, but these jobs can be extended to become full-time posts. Other companies that have the same needs are those that hold large sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. After all, these weekends are the most profitable for most businesses.

The demand for workers during October, and on to November and December is substantial. Since it lasts for only three to four months in a year, the majority of the temporary staff is let go in January.

Repeat Staffing Requests

In most instances, choosing a staffing agency can lead to repeat requests. If the job orders can be filled by a single staffing firm, the contracting company would not need to search for another staffing firm.

It is beneficial for both parties to have a long-term relationship. The hiring company can have a dependable partner for hiring and temporary staffing. They can request for staff and be provided one as soon as possible. For the staffing agency, a regular client means that they can plan ahead.

Staffing agencies are integral for companies that have seasonal hiring requirements. These seasonal temps are hired before the peak period and are let go after the need has subsided.