clean business restroomOne of the things that nearly everyone will look for after engaging a business long enough is the restroom. This makes these types of facilities very critical a consideration when setting up. If you’re just starting out or are considering a refit, there are several things you need to think about.

From the toilet cubicle to the overall size, here are three of the most important things that make for a restroom with the highest standards.


Too small and your facilities will have long lines leading up to them and their experience won’t be at all comfortable. Too large and you’ll be eating up space for the rest of your office. A good size is where at last three to five people will have access to the facilities and can move around each other freely. You should also ensure that there’s enough ventilation and cooling to match the size of your restroom overall to be comfortable.


The toilet cubicle is perhaps one of the most important components in any restroom. This is where most “business” is conducted. One of the important components here is the stall itself. It should be sturdy enough to endure through time, tight enough to provide privacy, yet also still offer excellent ventilation. Make sure you find a great provider for these stalls to ensure the comfort of those who are using the toilets.


Finally, you want to ensure that there is a smooth flow of air within your restrooms. This starts with the air conditioning and ends with a ventilation fan. This will prevent the room from becoming stuffy or smelling bad. Speaking of which, you should also consider investing in an automated air freshening system that releases bursts of fragrance on a schedule. This will keep the room smelling fresh the whole day long.

Take these three things into consideration, and you can be sure your restrooms are in the best shape possible.