Fine JewelryBased on reports, Americans spend up to $68.8 billion buying fine jewelry. On watches alone, Americans collectively spend about $9.13 billion throughout the year – and sales continue to increase. If you are like most Americans, then you probably love to buy jewelry, too. After all, good pieces are not only gratifying to own, they are also valuable investments.

But, for your fine jewelry to increase in value, you have to pay attention to proper care and maintenance? AAA Jewelers notes three good reasons you should get your jewelry professional cleaned and repaired. Keep these in mind if you’re looking for jewelry repair specialists in Utah.

Right Equipment and Technique

A quick Google search will give you tips on how you can clean your jewelry at home. While these are good for routine cleaning, you should seek the help of a professional if you want to give your precious jewelry a good, through clean. A specialist will not only restore shine and bring your pieces to their former glory, but they could also spot minor issues and fix them before they become major problems. Specialists have the right equipment and techniques to get the job done – and to get it done right.

Right Solutions for the Job

Professional jewelry repairers have the appropriate solutions for your What happens if the stones suddenly come loose? Do you DIY it and sticky tape yourself out of the problem? While there are many hacks you can try, why risk it? If stones become loose, head to a professional jewelry repair specialist as they have the right solutions, like gem dealer’s epoxy, to fix the problem. This will ensure that you don’t end up making a bigger problem if you try to use other solutions to fix the issue.

Much Deserved TLC

If you wear your pieces every day, they can take some serious beating. So, give them the TLC they deserve. Apart from the routine cleaning at home, treat your prized pieces to a “spa day” at a jeweler’s shop that offers professional jewelry repair and cleaning.

Get Your Money’s Worth

A professional jewelry repair and cleaning specialist can give you your money’s worth. This will prove well-worth your expense; after all, fine jewelry can last generations with proper care and maintenance.