Senior Care ProviderHome care is something that most people don’t consider until an aging loved one badly needs it. This is just finally realized because of instances such as accidents at home (falling and tripping), a decline in personal hygiene, changes in eating habits, and forgotten prescriptions. What most families don’t realize is these things could have been prevented if an in-home care service was provided in the first place.

If you or another family member doesn’t have enough time to fully monitor an aging loved one, there is nothing wrong with considering an in-home care service. The service is usually provided by home health aides, trained caregivers, or nursing assistants who are experts in caring for the elderly.

In-home senior health care service providers in North Palm Beach note that services may include personal care, household assistance, as well as companionship.

Personal care

This involves tasks such as bathing, grooming, and preparing meals. An in-home care service could help a family member maintain a healthy diet or address a change in eating habits, especially for an elderly that has no appetite or eating less. Care workers can also identify and alert loved ones if the change in diet is a symptom of another health issue.

Household assistance

This may involve tasks such as light cleaning of the house or providing transportation to doctor visits. Also, when there is a trained caregiver present at home, the risk of accidents like falling can be reduced, as there is some to keep the floors free from clutter or help with tasks such as climbing or reaching things.


An in-home care worker knows how important it is for the elderly to socialize. Companionship may include tasks such as playing cards (or games) together, having someone to watch a TV program with, or just having a conversation. This is particularly helpful for those with memory problems like dementia or Alzheimer’s.

While you may always feel the need to focus on a loved one’s health and well-being, you shouldn’t forget your own. If caring for an aging loved one requires leaving the workforce early, you may want to consider an in-home care service. Call a care provider now to learn more about the services they offer.