Guy cleaning the ACSpring is when you have your maintenance for your air conditioning and cooling systems. This is in preparation for summer when it might break down from the heat. During summer calls for air conditioning support in Knoxville can sometimes be a hassle.

The Need for Maintenance

An air conditioner is a device which cools the air inside, by absorbing heat and then dispersing it outside. To do that, it has to make use of a coolant, pumps, air filters and cooling coils. With regular use, the filter and coils would get dirty. Even if the unit were not in use, the external parts would require frequent cleaning. Due to the design of air conditioners, it is necessary for some of the parts to be in the open, to allow air to circulate.

When not in use, dust and dirt can easily accumulate inside the air conditioner. Also, because of the nature of cooling requirements, most air conditioners are not in use for part of the year, and continuously during the summer or peak use. To ensure that the pump works properly, it is necessary for regular maintenance before the peak season.

Maintenance Personnel

The best time to have a maintenance check is when the temperature is 65 degrees or above. This will allow testing the system to see if it performs to standards.

The easiest to clean is the air filter, as this is usually in the unit attached inside the room. The appliance’s manual would have instructions for the user to clean the filter. When cleaning the coils, it is necessary to have the unit unplugged from the electrical outlet. Also, qualified personnel should be the only ones to clean and maintain the pump. It is also necessary for the HVAC tech person to inspect the various pipes.

There may be some frayed or damaged pipes. Damaged pipes would leak coolant, lose their cooling capacity or be unable to transfer heat from one part of the system to another. These are things that a qualified maintenance person looks for when inspecting the air conditioner parts.