Woman checking her heelsAlmost everyone puts in effort to wear the right shoes. Some people will try to match their shoes with their outfits while others will put on a certain pair due to the demands of their workplace or school. Apart from reasons that concern style, shoes also play a vital role in protecting the feet from injury. Giving your shoes the best care possible can help prolong their life so you can benefit from them longer.

Here are some must-know shoe care tips:

Alternate between shoes

Check out sales rolled out by stores that offer cowboy boots such as A.A. Callister. Budgeting before shopping for men’s cowboy boots or any other footwear for sale helps you get two pairs for the price for one. Just like you will want a day off your work, shoes also require some break. Avoid putting on the same pair over and over. Shuffle between different choices in your shoe rack. Use a single pair two days at most.

Clean them regularly

While doing errands, you are likely to come across mud and dust. Make sure to wipe your shoes clean as soon as possible. Use a wet piece of cloth and some soap to wipe out the dirt to avoid stain build-up. In case they come in contact with colored liquids such as soft drinks and juices, treat them to a thorough washing. Use plenty of water and soap. Remember to use a soft bristle brush while washing since a tough one might destroy the fabric of your footwear.

Avoid heaters when drying

In as much as you may be in a hurry to put on your favorite pair, always avoid drying them near a heat source. You may have heard of blasting hot air into a new pair to help it fit more comfortably, but this practice is discouraged if you want to prolong your footwear’s lifespan. Heat loosens the fabric which makes the shoe weak and easily damaged. So, avoid heat and instead, dry them in the open air or use a newspaper

These days, footwear manufacturers in the market are plenty, which makes it tempting to buy every nice pair that comes your way. Knowing how to care for your shoes helps you protect your purchase.