Man sitting on an ergonomic chairErgonomics is an applied science. It means designing and building things that people use every day in such a way that it helps them become more efficient as they use them comfortably. This practice has started to become popular even in the workplace, as people need to increase their productivity without sacrificing their well-being.

If you’re just starting up with a new office and are ready to order office furniture online, you might also want to pick up these four items that’ll help you set up your own ergonomic workplace.

1. Ergonomic Keyboard

The regular keyboard that you’re used to is flat and cornered. Some don’t know that typing on these keyboards forces your wrist to stay in an uncomfortable bent position that, without rest, can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. But there are ergonomic keyboards out today that are curved in just the right places to make typing more comfortable.

2. Ventilated Laptop Stand

Your employees aren’t the only ones who need to stay comfortable while working. Your laptops can also overheat if they’re not positioned properly on a desk. A ventilated laptop ensures that the hot air that comes out from underneath it doesn’t get circulated back into the device and overheat it. They can also be adjusted to the level of typing your wrists may require.

3. Mouse Pads with Wrist Cushions

This is another item that helps prevent wrist complications by providing a pillow for it while using the mouse. You can get mouse pads that have a cushion at the end or a separate wrist cushion alone. Whichever you choose will help with your wrist movement as you click and scroll all day.

4. Footrest

While a simple box can be used as a footrest, it may not meet the proper height requirement you’ll need with your chair and desk. An ergonomic footrest can be adjusted, can rock to encourage motion and blood circulation, and can massage the feet with rubber bubble mats. Having a footrest will make sitting more comfortable even on those long workdays.

Most employees today have jobs that require them to sit at their desks for long periods. And you know that it could get pretty uncomfortable, affecting the quality of their work. You can make working easier by providing them with these four items that not only bring them comfort but increased quality and productivity as well.