a man getting a haircutA barber will use thinning shears on thick hair that is unmanageable. While this is the main use of such scissors, it is not the only one. Thinning shears can be used to soften the edges of a new haircut so it looks a few weeks old when the customer leaves the barbershop. They are also useful for fading short sides into a longer top.

Among all the barber scissors, the thinning shears are the most likely to be abused. In the hands of an amateur, they can remove too much hair and ruin the haircut instead. It is, therefore, vital that they are handled with care. To achieve minimal error, it is best to use a thinning shear for the specific role it was made for. That said, there are three types of thinning shears that each barbershop should have:

Single-sided shears

These scissors have a straight blade on one side and teeth on the other. They are general purpose shears and work well with curly hair. They are also excellent for reducing the bulk of children’s hair. Barbers only need to section hair and work their way upwards to cut some of it.

Double-sided shears

The blades of these shears are toothed and used for thinning during the haircut. Thanks to their design, they cut finer sections of the hair and make them best for a soft-looking cut. These can also be used after the haircut to texturise hair or to make the tips round.

Wide-toothed shears

These shears are best suited for people with curly or very thick hair. They can remove large hair sections all over the head because of the teeth on both sides. The only catch is for them not to be used close to the scalp. The scissors are also excellent for grooming fringes.

Thinning shears are a must-have tool for any barber worth the title. They work with regular scissors, razors, and clippers to create professional looking haircuts, but they must be used properly.