a funeralDeath is a topic that no one wants to openly talk about despite it being an inevitable reality of life — whether you are the one who is about to leave this earth due to, say, a known illness or old age, or you have a loved one who has passed on. The thought of leaving those dear to you behind, or of living without someone important to you is truly daunting. But, aside from coping with the loss and going through the grieving process, one should also learn to deal with the legalities and necessary preparations at hand — and it is always best to be as prepared as possible.

Finding a funeral home in Clearfield is a good start, as places like Aaron’s Mortuary & Crematory can surely lend a sympathetic helping hand. However, to further grasp the concept, it is also important to know and familiarize yourself with the different types of funeral services available.

Traditional Service

This is the most expensive type of service that includes viewing and visitation, a formal ceremony, transfer of the body to the burial location as well as the burial or cremation itself, among others. This service is often designed depending on the culture or religion of the deceased and is done within the first few days of the death.


Unlike a traditional service, a memorial service is one that focuses on the celebration of the life of the deceased. The body of the deceased is usually not present (although the cremated ashes can be). A memorial is usually informal and is non-religious and is held days, weeks, months, or even a year after the burial.


A small ceremony is held and usually involves brief rites and prayers. These are also typically included in the first two services mentioned. However, people can also opt for a graveside service only.

Direct Burial

The body is directly buried after death and is one of the most affordable ways to deal with the death of a loved one.

Direct Cremation

The body is cremated immediately after death. Like direct burial, this is also known as one of the most affordable methods as it skips other expenses included in the first three services.

It might still be a taboo subject for some, but knowing the different types of funeral services can definitely help ease the process after a loved one passes on.