Web Design PuzzleWhile many people think that web design is simple, there are a lot of factors affecting the overall look of your website. Even if you have the basic understanding of ASP, PHP, CSS, and HTML, you need to use these effectively to build a functional and user-friendly site.

You may also get the help of professionals specialising in web design in Bromley, if you live there or in other neighbouring areas. These web designers can advise you on what works best for your goal.

Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself before designing your website:

What is the goal of the website?

You must answer this question to proceed with designing your company’s website. What is the website aiming for? Does it intend to sell products? Does it aim to inform? These should be clear to you and the web designer so that the relevant elements can be added to the pages of your site.

Who is your target market?

Every business has a target market. By knowing who your audience is, you can present content that your target customers will find useful and valuable.

How will your visitors navigate through the website?

Visitors may leave your website if they could not find what they are looking for in the first few minutes. Sitemaps, search boxes, drop-down menus, and the main navigation page are some of the things you can include on your site.

Is your web design SEO-friendly?

Anything that involves the web should always consider the SEO factor. If you are running a business, SEO or search engine optimisation will help users find your website on Google.

How are your website’s page response time and speed?

No matter how aesthetically pleasing your website is, it would not appeal much to your visitors if it takes too long to load. Always consider the loading speed of every page when designing your website.

It is important to carve out a plan for your website to have a successful implementation; a web designer could be helpful in this case. Be sure to find a professional who has sufficient knowledge and skills to come up with a creative design.