electrician checking air conditioning during springSpring is here – gone are the chilly nights and gloomy days! Since it is going to get warmer during the next couple of months, it is important to keep your air conditioning unit working at its best.

Not checking on it and refusing to do these tips we have below can leave you sweating and wishing you called a professional AC repair team in Montgomery, AL.

Read on as AirNow Cooling & Heating gives you some tips on how to maintain your AC unit properly before springtime hits.

Pay Attention to the Outdoor Condenser

Your outdoor condenser can be filthy since you last checked it, so make sure to pay attention to that. Check your unit’s condenser and see if it has leaves or dirt stuck to it. If it does, then go ahead and wash your condenser with a hose, then let it air dry for a while.

You also have to make sure to replace any pipe insulation that suffered damage during the winter.

Check the Air Filter

The air filter takes in a lot of dirt and debris with the continuous usage of your unit, so it is a must to check it every once in a while. Changing your air conditioning unit’s air filter would not cost you much, as filters are inexpensive.

Not changing the air filter can cause damage to your unit over time, as it has to work extra hard to filter the air when the current filter is clogged.

Call a Professional

The best way to prevent any type of damage to your air conditioning unit is to call a professional HVAC contractor. They would know how to clean it, repair it, and they can easily tell you what needs replacement.

If you notice your unit is not running like it normally would, then call a professional right away. Some of the most common signs may include loud noises and your unit blowing warm air.

Licensed and certified professionals will definitely help save your day when it comes to air conditioning repair and replacement. Most of them have been in the industry for a long time, so you know that they know what they are doing. Have a fun and cool spring ahead!