Woman with bad breathOne sure fire way to feel disconnected from other people is to suffer from bad breath. People just can’t help but move away and bad breath is a source of anguish for about three in every 10 people worldwide, and that’s only the ones breathing it out. Many more are on the receiving end. Breath fresheners only mask the smell. It is better to seek a solution at the dentist in Buckinghamshire, if trying to be more diligent with an oral hygiene routine does not work.

It is not unusual to seek help from a dentist in Buckinghamshire for bad breath. Most offer this service, including Garden View Dental Care in Beaconsfield.

Where is the smell coming from?

One of the most common causes of bad breath is rotting food that has gotten stuck between the teeth. The bacteria in plaque that builds up on the teeth is also a common cause.

Other ways it can appear is after eating strong foods such as onions and garlic. These are absorbed into the body and then transferred to the lungs, where they are exhaled. Abstaining from certain food categories when dieting can also cause bad breath. And anyone who has ever been breathed on by a smoker will know how awful their breath can smell.

All quite solvable issues so far, but bad breath can also be a symptom of a more serious problem. It may be the result of active gum disease, or even a respiratory tract infection, chronic sinusitis or diabetes.

Ask the dentist in Buckinghamshire

Patients who seek help from their dentist should be prepared to go along without trying to hide the smell of their breath, which can be a useful indicator of the cause. The dentist will be able to tell if it can be solved with a good clean up from the hygienist.

The dentist will also check for active gum disease, which is mostly cleared up through improved oral hygiene at home, and possibly a special mouthwash.

If neither of these issues seem to be the cause of bad breath, the dentist will probably make a referral to a doctor.