A cup of organic teaHerbal teas are healthy, caffeine-free drinks that hydrate the body and provide a host of vitamins and antioxidants. They can be used as remedies for minor illnesses or as an alternative to coffee or other stimulant drinks.

The Institute of Medicine recommends that all Americans drink ten glasses of water every day, but 75% of the population don’t drink this much and are dehydrated. Soda and coffee are popular, but they may contain large amounts of sugar and caffeine. While caffeine improves concentration and alertness, it can also raise blood pressure and cause headaches.

Herbal teas offer a caffeine and sugar-free alternative for people who are looking for a way to stay hydrated but aren’t that keen on plain water.

Herbal Tea – The Miracle Drink

Teas are considered anti-cancer drinks and are full of antioxidants that guard against cellular damage. This helps the body repair itself, improves skin, and slows down the aging process. Chamomile tea, for example, can help people relax after a stressful day at work. It contains tryptophan, a mild sedative.

Elderflower tea can help clear nasal passages and ginger tea is good for easing an upset stomach or arthritic pains. It’s a warming drink to choose during bad weather and will improve circulation, keeping the cold out.

Fennel tea cleanses the kidneys and provides a natural way to detoxify from junk foods and chemicals. Thyme tea is full of anti-viral substances that will help protect against illnesses and infections.

The Healthier Treat

Organic herbal tea is a great alternative for people who love sweet treats but want something with fewer calories. There are different flavors to suit every taste. For those who crave for sweetness, a teaspoon full of honey can be added instead of sugar.

Herbal tea hydrates without caffeine and sugar, making it a healthier slimming choice. It has many surprising health benefits as well.