Man using a computerSelling online, especially on huge e-commerce sites like Amazon, involves persuading users to purchase something that they’ve probably never held, much less seen, in real life. However, most people believe that “seeing is believing,” and that’s why sometimes a sale could come down to a simple product image. But how could you ensure that online users would click on your Amazon listing? Here are some practical tips:

Make sure that your primary image is easily visible.

The main reason for this is that this specific image is the only one that users could see in the Amazon search results, so you want them to see your product and click on it. The easiest way to do this is by placing your products on a white background, according to online photography experts. Likewise, make certain that your product is well lit and fills about 80% of the image. Ensure that your product images have high resolution to allow the zoom function of Amazon. This would enable potential customers to see your products more clearly and help gain their trust.

Display your products from various perspectives and angles.

This would make online users feel like they’ve really seen your products as a whole and not just select angles of them. Also, show them how to use your products so that they could better imagine themselves using your products. This is especially useful for products that require a more in-depth explanation for installing and using.

Every product fits a specific lifestyle.

That being said, your images must showcase how your product could fit into your target market’s lifestyle, or at least what type of lifestyle they could expect to acquire when they buy your product.

Your primary product image, the one that pops up when users search for similar products on Amazon, must grab a user’s attention from the get-go. You need to take ample time to curate the best-looking images that would help you build your brand and help potential customers evaluate your products’ characteristics more quickly. Highlight every single feature that makes your product better than your competitors, and make your product sell and speak for itself.

Likewise, keep in mind that high-quality product images would also directly impact your click-through and conversion rates that would consequently increase your rank in the Amazon search results.