Man carrying the urnFunerals offer an essential rite of passage. The overall cost depends on whether you choose a traditional burial or cremation.

To save costs on your funeral arrangements in Taylorsville, cremation is the ideal option. There are several factors, however, that affect the price of cremation service. Here are some of them:

The Service

Before cremation, you will need to decide if there will be a service for viewing of the body. Should you opt for viewing before cremation, you should consider the cost of a casket. Most crematoriums require a pressboard, plywood, or pine casket, as these materials are combustible. You can also hire a casket for viewing to save on costs or hold a memorial service without viewing of the body.

The Resting Place of the Ashes

You may choose to scatter the ashes after cremation in an open area, according to your state regulations, or take the ashes home in an urn. These are typically the cheapest options. You can also opt to buy a columbarium as a permanent resting place or a tomb within a mausoleum.

Type of Cremation Urn

There are various types of cremation urns to choose from. A keepsake urn comes in small sizes, and each container is distributed to the surviving loved ones of the deceased, with a small portion of his/her remains. A theme urn is designed according to the passion of the deceased. You can also opt for a biodegradable urn made from organic compost, cornstarch, newsprint, unglazed ceramic or earthenware clay. This is typically the cheapest option.

Yes, you can choose to preplan your funeral.  Get in touch with a reputable funeral director and understand the options their funeral home offers. Preplanning will help your family save on funeral arrangements and ensure that your wishes will be met.