Man refinishing floorRefinishing the floor maintains its quality and also promotes a natural and fresh finish for your home. Doing a floor refinish or maintenance, however, is not a small task. That’s why homeowners seek professional help. They come to you to help them refinish their floors.

How can you deliver 100% customer satisfaction?, a machine repair center, believes that practicing open communication with your customers is important to avoid setbacks. When clients complain, there’s a risk of sabotaging current client relations. Instead of dealing with the worse, here are four things you should discuss with your customers before starting a floor refinishing or maintenance project.

Keep or Change the Floor Color?

Inform them about the potential changes with the original color of their floor can change and the possibility of an overhaul. Give them the option to either re-stain the floor to match the original color or use a totally different one.

Full Refinish or Just a Maintenance Coat?

If your customer’s floor doesn’t show signs of major damages (e.g. deep gouges and worn-out finish) then you can suggest a maintenance coat, which is just light sanding and a coat. Let them know that a maintenance coat can also save them money compared to having a full refinish.

They Need to Vacate the House During the Project

They may already know this but it’s still best to discuss timelines and why the job will take that long. Explain to them why you have to wait for one coat to dry before applying the next.

Prepare to Repaint the Baseboards

You’ll have to be honest and let them know that even the best flooring professional can hit your baseboards. Of course, you’ll also have to try your best not to, but it’s better to let your customers know about it beforehand.

Informing clients about wood refinishing need-to-knows is important. Remember to be clear and direct in all communications with your customer. If they request for something that’ll cost more or take more time, tell them. It’s better to set their expectations before you start the job so everyone can prepare for what can happen.