a parent bringing their kid to schoolReports indicate that the quality of education in early childhood has a direct effect on a child’s likelihood of getting into trouble during their teenage years.

A good preschool equips a child with the necessary social and life skills to keep away from vices, dropping out or committing crimes when older. But, for both child and parent, the first day of school is dreaded. Here’s some help to make that smooth transition for both you and child.

1. Adjust the time schedules

A few weeks before the kid is set to join preschool, take time to familiarize yourself with the preschool programs in Phoenix.

This way you know their time schedules and routines and go ahead to adjust your child’s usual routine to resemble that of the preschool. Once it’s time to start preschool, the child won’t be forced into a new habit.

2. Chat about preschool

Have many discussions with them about preschool during the days before the first day. Ask them if they would like to play their favorite games with their new friends.

Let them know that they can always ask the teacher for help without being afraid. Involve them when shopping for school and packing their bag. This helps prepare both of you mentally.

3. Make a note for the teacher

On a paper, write down certain crucial details about your child. Tell the teacher your child’s name, nickname, birthday, allergies and medical conditions, if any. Give brief information about their pets, interests, dislikes, and favorite playtime activities.

Such are just a few of the information the teacher can use to help a nervous kid relax and familiarize with their new environment.

Starting preschool is understandably a nerve-wracking experience for both parent and child. With the information above, however, you can both embrace the change and make a smooth transition.