Handsome man in cowboy hatHave you ever walked down the street and noticed that more people wear Western-style boots today? It seems this fashion trend is spreading across the U.S. and many other countries around the world.
The increasing demand may affect the prices of this type of footwear. To save money for your Western outfit, you may
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Cowboy boots are a classic and unique type of footwear. It has a rich history, and here’s a quick summary:


It is unclear as to who created the western style boots. It is a highly debated topic, with many theories pointing to the Huns being the first ones to wear boots. Others say that the footwear came from Kansas. It can be considered a great thing, though, that this type of footwear is not inclusive of one area but rather its functionality and style spread across different places and cultures.
It was in the mid-1800’s that the boots were often made for stressful work, while dress boots slowly became popular around the same time. Those dress boots featured intricate designs for specific occasions. Soon, Europeans created the Wellington boots, which brought functionality and style into one.


This well-known style of boots has gone through several changes throughout the 1900’s. In the 30’s-40’s, Hollywood produced more Western-styled films that featured cowboys sporting boots that were more loud, bright, and fashionable.
This caused a lot of demand for brighter colored boots rather than asking for functionality from those who wanted to cop the style. During the 60’s-80’s, the cowboy boots met a simpler time of design, ones that kept their beautiful shape but with less flair and colors.
These boots are still proudly worn by many people, particularly those who feel like it has been a part of their culture or those who want to dress the part. Many of them are aware of the history that these boots have and appreciate it, and now that you know it as well you can feel the same way as they do.