A commercial buildingIf you own any kind of commercial property, you know that it’s not an easy dwelling to maintain. It depends on how your halls and common areas are designed. Carpets are the usual places where germs and dust gather and you wouldn’t want that to happen if you had regular guests or customers coming in. Moreover, a clean environment also aids the productivity of your employees.

While you can hire good strata cleaning services in Sydney, you should also do your part in maintaining the property that you own. Here are five ways to do that:

1. Be the example. As the owner, leading by example is important. Many of your staff or employees will look up to you as the standard of quality in everything.

2. All entrances must have mats. This helps trap dirt and dust from shoes before they are taken into your building. On rainy days, if wet shoes go on the carpet, this can be the start of mould. Mats can dry those shoes out first before stepping on any carpets.

3. Use trash bins. Have large, covered bins strategically put on each floor. Give employees their own small bins to put under their tables as well, which they should empty themselves in the larger bins at the end of the day.

4. Disinfect all areas. Have disinfectant sprays ready to use in all bathrooms and kitchens to teach employees to clean up as they go.

5. Your space, your responsibility. Whether you work on a small workstation or a huge office, the area you’re mostly at in a day is the space you need to clean and keep tidy at all times.

Communicate this to your employees in a way that will encourage them and give them a sense of ownership. You’ll be surprised how it can influence keeping your property clean and tidy.