A group of friends singing karaokeFriday nights are some of the nicest nights because they remind you that another week has ended — that the week has passed and has been full of achievements. To cap the workweek off, it will be fun if you and your officemates will go out.

If you’re looking for something fun on a Friday night (or the weekends), why not go to a karaoke bar? Shrine says that there’s a wealth of karaoke bars in Los Angeles that choosing will not be difficult. If you are looking to have fun with music, food, and a few cold ones, then karaoke it is!

Here are some tips for organizing a karaoke party:

Get the headcount

It’s better if you plan ahead of time, so what you need to do is to invite who’s supposed to be invited. Send out the invitations on Thursday or Friday afternoon. If (almost) everyone agrees, then it’s time to look for a karaoke place to book. This should not be difficult, as booking details can be found online and you can always contact the manager over the phone.

Prepare your list of songs

You have to make the most of your karaoke time, so stop wasting time on picking songs. It may be funny, but a personal list of songs will come in handy. Categorize your list; there should be pop so everyone will have fun, nostalgic choices, and your personal favorites.

Give your best!

Condition yourself, so that you can give your best inside the karaoke room. Do not drink cold water, as it will surely compromise the quality of your voice. Resist the temptation to choose songs that may strain your vocal cords, too.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind if you want to have a nice karaoke party. The best piece of advice: Anticipate fun!