sink drain cloggingMany people remember the drain when there is a problem with a leak or clog. Grease, solid waste, and foreign objects that do not pass through the pipe are the main cause of drain blockage. Fungal growth in the drain can also reduce the pipe cavity and cause the drain to clog regularly. Walton Plumbing and other experts present some tips to keep your drain free and flowing.

Keep grease out of the sink

Grease is the leading cause of drain blockage. Keep cooking oil leftovers, and food leftovers away from your sink. Grease solidifies in the pipes and becomes a big ball that prevents the dirty water from flowing. Put all oily food leftovers and other solid waste in a trash bin for disposal.

Do not plant trees near your drain pipes

The roots penetrate your drainage system. It can block or reduce your pipe’s capability. Keep all trees at least ten metres away from the sewer line. If your yard has several trees, consider periodic inspection of the sewer line if the roots disturb the pipes.

Catch it before it gets to the drain

Small food particles, hair, and soap may get stuck down the drain. However, you can prevent this by placing drain plugs on top of your drain especially in the kitchen sink and in the bathroom.

Hire a professional once in a while

Drain blockage is a result of waste-build up in your pipes. Regular professional inspection can prevent any build-up before the blockage becomes serious. Digital camera inspections allow the plumbers to see the entire length of your drainage system and identify the location of the blockage before drain unblocking starts.

Make sure to take care of your drain and take steps to prevent any build-up in your drain. You should get a professional to clean the drain to rid it of any build-up.