Inside a classroomThey say that life is one big classroom. You learn on the fly, but the most important thing is you learn. It might be hard to learn back then, when learning is limited to the four sides of the classroom. Today, a good thing about the Internet is that it enables you to learn absolutely anywhere else.

If you want to know where to find summer school classes online, or even night school online courses, this list could help you:

1. Internet tutors

On the Internet, teachers can be within reach anywhere in the world. That’s the beauty of the Internet. Not only can you have national teachers, you can choose to have international teachers.

2. Educational websites

These websites often offer a wide range of courses you can learn on your free time. Some of them are connected to renowned schools. Others, however, are educational initiatives run by institutions.

3. Non-profit learning

There are a few educational websites that are run by non-profit organizations. Some have been award-winning organizations. Others, however, are purely service-oriented organizations.

4. An open university

Not to be mistaken for a named university, this means that almost any course available can be learned here. Better be warned — like in school, some of the courses here are paid courses, notably the ones that merit a BSc or PhD.

5. Online collaborations

What’s better than learning from a university-backed educational website? An educational website maintained by several colleges. There are such websites online, and the Open University system is at play here.

See? The Web isn’t mostly for general tomfoolery or entertainment. The best it can offer is the world. A wealth of education awaits, and who says you only need to stop at one degree? While you still can, keep on learning, when you can.