a teenage man studying for his examWith your CompTIA A+ certification exam fast approaching, it’s crucial to study well so you could complete the test and hopefully get your certification. Studying isn’t exactly easy for everyone, however. This is especially true if you’ve graduated a few years back and have been working since then — without having some new knowledge in your field.

With this in mind, below are some tips to help you memorize the information you need to pass the CompTIA A+ exam:

  • Focus on general topics, then the specifics. This is great for retrieval. If you know that a specific information falls under a broader category, your brain would be able to access it better.
  • Designate meaning to things by applying the information to something relevant to you, such as an example of what you’re studying, a daily experience, or something you saw in a video. It’s easier to encode new information in your brain when you think of it in relation to things that you already know and has meaning to you. You’ll remember things better if you assign logical connections to it.
  • Recite notes out loud until such time that you don’t need to look at your notes.
  • Use memory devices, such as the following:
    • Chunking – Taking long strings of information and shortening it to more easily processed chunks of information.
    • Acrostics – Planets: “My Very Exceptional Mom Just Served Us Noodles”.
    • Flashcards – Great for remembering specific information. Make sure to shuffle your cards and recite answers out loud.
    • Loci – Visualizing familiar places and relating objects or things to it.
  • Enroll in a review class and get a study buddy. Reviewing with another person, whether online or in a classroom setting, could help you become more motivated, especially since you’re all after the same thing.
  • Make the most of practice questions and tests. Answer as many questions in A+ practice tests so you could better apply your knowledge and understand what you’re memorizing.

Prior to studying, make sure to concentrate, relax, and clear your mind of distractions every single time. This will make your brain more awake and ready to receive information. Lastly, keep in mind that people study differently so you need to find the best approach that’s right for you.