Kid's incomplete teethScheduling bi-yearly teeth cleanings for your children may not be enough to keep them away from baby tooth decay. Seeing a dentist is necessary, but preventive maintenance and good oral hygiene, which start at home, are equally important.

KidzSmile Dentistry cites some ways to ensure that your kids will grow with healthy teeth and gums.

Staying on top of your kids’ oral hygiene routine

From the start, you have to make sure an infant’s mouth is clean after feeding. Start using a moist gauze and eventually shift to a soft-bristled toothbrush as the baby grows. When the first tooth appears at around 12 months of age, you must start thinking about preventing tooth decay. When the children are old enough to brush their own teeth and floss, ask a pediatric dentist to teach them the right practices.

Supervise brushing ensures that they develop good habits, which they will bring into adulthood. You are responsible for your child’s well-being, and that includes oral health.

Reducing the risks of tooth decay with fluoride

A pea-sized pinch of fluoride toothpaste is all your children need to clean their teeth two to three times a day. Fluoride is an essential mineral that strengthens the enamel, the protective layer of the teeth. American taps contain fluoride. Bottled water does not contain the recommended amount. Ensure that your children receive an adequate amount of fluoride. Ask a local community authority if you’re not sure about the fluoride content of municipal water.

Having a low-sugar diet

Kids can’t stay away from sweets. At a young age, you must regulate the amount of sugar they consume. Sticky caramel, dried fruits, fruit juices, and all sorts of kiddie goodies are too difficult to resist. Regulating their intake of sugary food items lowers the risk of developing tooth decay in young children.

Based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data, 19 percent of children (2-19 years old) have cavities, most of which remain untreated. Introduce healthy oral habits to your little ones and see the benefits as they grow up with a healthy mouth.