Search inquiries for specific businesses continue to increase daily. In fact, long tail keywords usually include a geographic name. Local SEO (search engine optimization) ensures that people will find your business when they search for a relevant keyword.

For instance, SEO services for niche businesses like jewelers must be a clear focus. What are the likely strategies, you may ask? Here they are.

Keyword research

Keywords must be specific and relevant. This is one way of ensuring that the keywords will have high conversion rates. Don’t focus on keywords that have high search volumes since they do not usually result in more significant investment returns.

On-site optimization

After choosing the right keywords, make sure that the web pages are optimized to distinct keyword or phrase. When targeting keywords, there is a need to adjust various components like title and header tags and meta descriptions. Images and their descriptions must be adjusted as well.

Places optimization

There are places pages to consider. One is Google+ Business, and two is Bing Places for Business. These are listings that make your business appear on top of the results pages. Your company appears with a map. Ensure that all the required details are completed including the physical address as well as contact details.

Directory listing

Get your business listed in online directories such as and Yelp. Don’t list your business on all directories. Instead, focus on top directories especially those that serve your place. Ensure that the business name, address and contact details are consistent on all lists. Google and other search engines determine your website’s authority through the consistency of the information.

Customer review

Positive reviews on business pages such as Yelp also help in making the business more prominent locally. Aside from reviews, feedbacks and testimonials also act as word of mouth marketing once the right customers are targeted, made a purchase and share the experience with others.

Investing in local SEO strategies is almost always worth it. There are challenges along the way. However, once you use the right keywords and key phrases, optimize the website and its pages, optimize online business pages and solicit unbiased reviews, everything will fall into its proper places. This means people who mean serious business will start frequenting your site and buying products and services.