Chemicals on a laboratoryYou can have regular safety drills at the workplace, but when workers are not getting reminders within their immediate vicinity, it is easy to forget what the drills have taught them. Of course, their instinct will kick in when a dangerous situation arises, but what about those instances when it is already too late to do anything?

Keeping the workplace safe, especially when you are handling chemicals, is a priority. Here are important safety measures that should always be in place:

Observe Proper Labelling

The most dangerous chemicals may not smell or taste like anything. They could be clear, just like your regular drinking water in a glass. This is one of the reasons to have identification labels on all containers inside the laboratory. Only qualified personnel should handle dangerous chemicals, as defined by their labels.

Impose Proper Disposal Guidelines

Chemicals react with one another. Some could be deadly combinations, while others seem harmless enough. Even the smallest amount of a hazardous chemical may cause great damage if not disposed of properly. Colour-coded garbage bins should be everywhere in the workplace and chemicals that are highly reactive must be disposed of according to set guidelines. Let everyone know of these rules to avoid workplace accidents that can ruin everything you have worked hard for.

Enforce the Use of Proper Work Clothes

Some chemicals are harmful when swallowed or injected into the bloodstream. Others, however, may cause irritation upon contact with the skin. To avoid skin irritation or something worse, workers should always wear protective gear when handling chemicals. There should be no exemptions. Those who are not wearing their safety goggles, for instance, should not be allowed to work with chemicals and flames. Your workplace should have supervisors checking that everyone is complying with this rule.

Just one person not following the rules may cause problems that could affect everyone. Let your team know that they have a role to play in keeping the workplace safe.