Landing pageThe landing page is the gateway of a potential customer to your brand; this makes the initial impression and can make or break the conversion of a visitor. It is important to implement certain practices to get the most out of your pages.

Experts from Denver on PPC cite the following techniques to boost the effectiveness of your landing pages.

Bid on Relevant Keywords

Some websites bid on keywords that aren’t pertinent to the pages they want to direct a person to because it generates traffic. This is a wrong step to take because you confuse visitors and you may cause dissatisfaction, resulting in poorer conversion rates. Misleading a person creates distrust and may even negatively affect your page rankings.

Only bid on keywords that are relevant to your landing pages; make them specific to get a click that is likely to convert or at least move further down the sales funnel. Using exact locations also help you narrow the field of visitors to people who are likely to take the action you want them to.

Content for Target Audience

General posts and vanilla flavored videos or images will not get you the conversions you want. Create content that is specific to a particular group of people looking for a solution. A topic-based page allows you to weed out visitors who are just passing by.

Focus on content that matters to your audience; use the right language, tone of voice and angle that resonates with your target market. Don’t forget to include the call-to-action buttons to get the response you want.

Diverse Landing Pages

Diversify your landing pages to cater to different visitors that are in varying parts of the sales process. Make one for people who are ready to make a purchase, and another one for those that are still unsure and need more convincing and information. Integrate this strategy with your keyword research to determine which search terms are appropriate.

These are some of the practices to implement to improve the reach and effectiveness of your landing pages. Doing so provides you with the competitive advantage you need to climb to the top of your niche.