Two boys playing basketballWriting, reading and solving problems are just some of the things your child can learn as he or she grows up. But there is another important aspect that you should not take for granted: social skills. These tools allow your child to communicate with others, make friends, develop critical thinking, and form healthy relationships. Your kid needs these to go through life’s challenges especially during the adult years.

Here’s what you can do to ensure that your child grows up with the needed social skills.

Enroll in a preschool

Enrolling your child in a well-supervised preschool like Smart Kids Development Center is one way to develop his or her social skills quickly. The classroom and learning environment with lessons tailored to improve communication and comprehension skills will allow your child to build self-confidence and overcome shyness as he or she interacts with other kids and adults. This early form of education can also help develop one’s enthusiasm for learning that will greatly benefit his or her academic prowess.

Take up martial arts

Apart from academics, your child also needs extra-curricular activities. Taking up martial arts is a good example not only because it allows your child to live healthy through exercise; Taekwondo or Aikido, for instance, encourages cooperation without being aggressive, communication with teammates, and a sense of camaraderie. It also helps develop inner peace and relaxation, which are important assets to become a well-rounded being. More importantly, this form of activity teaches courtesy, a very important social skill that stems from patience and respect.

Learn to communicate

As a parent, you should also learn how to communicate with your child and build a solid support structure at home. Without your help, your child may not find the encouragement to do well outside of your home. You can show your care and support simply by asking questions, following your child’s interests, identifying goals and raising awareness to distinguish right from wrong.