Group of adorable kids having fun at birthday partyA birthday is one of the most important events in a person’s life. And to make your friend or family relative truly happy on their day, you can throw a surprise party for them.

Organizing a surprise birthday party does not need to be filled with fuss and other dilemmas. You can organize it the way you organize usual birthday parties—but with the element of secrecy.

Here are some tips that will help make your plans work:

Plan it in advance

Surprise parties may require a longer preparation time, especially if you are planning to gather more than 20 people. The first thing you should do is organize a meeting or planning session at least two weeks in advance. Make sure that some of the celebrator’s closest friends and family members are involved.

Have a theme

For the surprise birthday party to be interesting, there should be a story. There should be a theme. The theme may depend on the likes and interests of the celebrator. Does he love Star Wars? You can all dress up as Jedi masters! Is she a fan of Harry Potter? The invitations may look like a Hogwarts acceptance letter. Does the birthday boy or girl love roller coasters? Perhaps do it at Cliff’s Amusement Park.


While in the planning stage, delegate tasks to make sure that everything will flow smoothly on the day of celebration. You can assign people to work on the following: food, drinks, location, entertainment, invitations, and decorations. Have everyone provide financial contributions so that the expenses will not be a problem. More importantly, you should come up with a contingency plan—just in case something unexpected happens.

Follow this guide if you want the surprise birthday party for a friend or a loved one to be a success. You may choose to work with planners and suppliers, especially if you are planning something big.