a sad and gloomy dental clinic without a patientCompetition isn’t the only reason why you’re not getting new patients for your dental practice. Here are three possible reasons why you are not getting new leads and what you can do to change that.

New clients can’t find you

In this day and age, having flyers and posters in your dental clinic is not enough. You need to have a website, and you need to have it optimised. This is where dental SEO services from Dominate Dental come in. They make sure that your website is highly searchable on search engines so that your existing customers and new leads can find you better and faster.

Your rates are too expensive

There are cases when your services are too expensive that patients are more likely to seek a second opinion. And when they do, you’ll probably won’t hear from them anytime soon or ever. This is where you can make use of competitor watch. Try to see how much your competitors or even colleagues are charging for the same services and see where you are at.

They don’t understand the need for treatments

Sometimes, it’s not you. It’s them. Patients who don’t understand the need for dental treatments often say “I’ll think about it,” and never get to a decision until it’s too late. Notice how many cancer survivors successfully change their lifestyle? This is because they now understand the value of getting the treatment they need and changing their bad habits. If you can make your patients understand in plain language and ways the need to get this particular treatment, the more likely they will say yes to the treatment and refer you to new clients because they feel the connection.

Get New Clients

From these possible culprits, where are you most guilty? Now, try to make some changes and investments so you can generate more leads and win new clients for your dental practice.